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No Fix, No Charge
This means that if we cannot provide you
with a solution to your problem, we will not
charge you for our services. In some cases,
the solution may be that you need to upgrade
or replace your software or hardware.

Customer Satisfaction
Hundreds of satisfied customers we have in
Chennai. We know a satisfied customer itself
is a gateway to get new customers through
their friends and relatives.

No Hidden Charges
We won't charge you extra if it takes more
time for us to repair, like other computer
repair / service companies.
No matter how long we spend repairing your
computer we only charge regular charges. So
you know what you will pay when you call us.

Free Remote Support for 30 days
We provide free remote support for 30 days.
So when there is recurrence in issue we
provide remote support and solve it

Work Guaranteed for 30 days
All our work is guaranteed for 30 days and if
you have the same issue within 30 days of us
fixing then we fix it for free.

Websoft World
96, Nyniappa Naick St. Chennai - 600 003

Tel: 32938760 Cell: 98402 68567



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