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Add your Business details on this site by choosing any of the following plan. You can choose both, that is Full Web Page as well as Banner.


Full Web Page

Full web page shows your business details with photos.

A full web page means content in text with image which can be printed on A4 paper size.


Rs.950 for one year.

Rs.1900 for three years. (2 + 1 Free)

Web page will be designed by us. You will have to give us 2 photos and relevent details.

Banner allows banner of size 120x60 pixel on its header. This means your banner will be visible on each and every page of this site.


Rs.2400 for 3 months.

Rs.4500 for 6 months.

Rs.8100 for 12 months.

Free Banner Design
If you do not have a banner, we will design the same for you absolutely free.

Just submit the form below, and we will get in touch with you.



Pay Online Now!

If you want to pay in US $ through PayPal,  you can PAY NOW.

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